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Persian Handmade Carpet Abadeh Lachak Toranj Wool Rug-No:CAW1002


Abadeh is one of the cities of Fars province in Iran.People have been weaving carpets for a long time. The designs of these carpets are mostly inspired by the Qashqai and Bakhtiari tribes. The lint used in this carpet is made of accessible wool and the warp is also made of linen. The general design of this carpet is Lachak Toranj. In Lachak Toranj designs, usually the central image is the bergamot which its one quarter used is used in the four corners of the carpet. The main role of this carpet is geometric. In the designs of such carpets, instead of arc lines broken and straight lines are used and these lines create geometric shapes in their overall composition.

Persian Handmade Carpet Abadeh Sarasar Wool Rug-No:CAW1001


The general pattern of this carpet is adobe/Golestani. These patterns are divided into different regular parts, and usually, in each part, they are decorated with various flowers and leaves. The main pattern of this carpet is floral. Using floral pattern is very common to Iranian carpets. Among these important patterns are: Khatai flowers, Shah Abbasi, pomegranates, Shah Safi, etc. The lints of this carpet are all made of wool, and the bowstring is made of cotton, which in result give a subtle and soft texture to the carpet. The intinction of the carpet is done in a traditional manner, and natural materials are used in it. This kind of intinction makes the carpet more beautiful, adds to the value of the carpet, and makes a higher stability in colors.