Welcome to Liana Gallery

  • Welcome to the center for consulting, choosing, and purchasing of Persian carpet.

    •  Our Goal

  • Our main purpose is to deliver Persian carpet to those customers who, in these days, want to decrease their expenses and have a nice purchase wisely and with more knowledge about what they request.
    Therefore, our group makes it possible to have an enjoyable purchase in the domain of carpet for all those who are interested and love this art in Bulgaria and other countries of the European Union.
    We are proud that we deliver the carpets with the best quality and price that has not been possible so far, and we make it possible for customers to see and search among a significant number of products with variety of designs (modern,classic, vintage  and neoclassic) , patterns, sizes, and dimensions. 

    The most important feature of our activity is the direct sale in a way that everybody can own valuable products.
    Our focus is on the pattern and the quality and of course the price.
    With this approach, we have selected carpets with a great care because we believe that high quality carpet are not merely inaccessible product, and all people with any budget can be the first consumer of this beautiful and delightful products. 

    The expertise of Liana Gallery is collecting special machine made carpets with different classifications, styles, and sizes.

    • Our advantage

  • Our marketing and selling policies enables customers to design their own carpet based on their favorite color, shape and dimensions which is not a typical manner among other carpet manufacturers across the world. 

    • The Simple Policy of Carpet Refund

  • We are proud that we can have a product refund if it is different from what you choose on the site or if they are defect.
    Therefore, in this case we will have the product refunded without any questioning in three days with guarantee. 

    Liana Gallery is managed by Loriini, Ltd Company with registration number 206068483 and the address is ul.Luybata,13 , 7th floor, 24 ap, 1407, Sofia Bulgaria.